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Tari Rickshaw 2006


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length: 5mins
director: Nick de Pencier
producer: Nick de Pencier
choreographer and performer: Peter Chin
music: Peter Chin
format: 35mm

ONE SHEET: Tari Rickshaw: On Toronto’s garish main drag, and end-of-day commuter is trying unsuccessfully to hail a cab on a rainy night. An ornate rickshaw materializes  out of the crush of traffic and an eager driver in non-traditional garb waits for the hesitant and confused suit to climb in. As the denizens of the neon metropolis flow by, our hero is transformed in gesture and movement, infected by the spirit of his transportation.

AWARD:  Winner, 1998 Moving Pictures Cinedance Award for Best Direction of a New Canadian Dancefilm. Funded by Bravo!Fact.