Left to Right: Gord Downie, Introduce Yerself, Peter Chin, Streetcar

Gord Downie: Introduce Yerself 2017 / 5m 10s

In the studio, the making of Gord Downie's solo record film here


Hardcore 2011 / 4 mins

A high-energy duet choreographed by Andrea Nann to the music of Gord Downie film here


Run the ROM 2007 / 5m 36s

A performance happening in the Royal Ontario Museum film here


Streetcar 2005 / 30 mins

Streetcar is a dance document of a man forced to carry the full weight of his mortality on his commute home film here


40 on 40 2004 / 68 mins

40 short films on artists whose work has been supported by the Ontario Arts Council film here


Tari Rickshaw 1998 / 5m 22s

Choreographed and Performed by Peter Chin film here


Fragments 1995 / 10m 14s

Pedestrian Waltz Dance Company dance on Cherry Beach film here


Risible Chick 1993 / 5m 42s

Dance film, choreographed by Leslie Lindsay and performed by Lisa Prebiance and Dave Clark film here


Frost in Florida 1992 / 3m 41s

Dance film, Denise Duric and Andrea Nann. Music by Bob Wiseman film here


Growl: Sugar 1995 / 3m 50s

Growl, appearing in a music video for their song Sugar video here


Skydiggers: Feel You Closer 1992 / 2m 30s

Music video for the Skydiggers song Feel Closer video here



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