Feature Drama

94 minutes

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The Uncles traces the relationship between John Toma [Chris Owens] and two women. His girlfriend Rochelle [Veronika Hurnik] is a beautiful graduate student who wants to leave her husband and start a family with him. His sister Celia [Tara Rosling], who isn't waiting for anybody to start a family, takes babies off the street and brings them home the way a child brings home chestnuts. It's becoming more and more difficult for John to deflect Celia's growing reputation as a crazy woman and a kidnapper. As John juggles the decision about his girlfriend and their future together, he and his brother Marco [Kelly Harms] develop a radical solution to the problem of Celia: they decide to arrange for their sister to have a baby of her own. But their scheming has some unexpected results. The Uncles is a love story with all the mess and awkward humour that love creates. The debut of writer and director Jim Allodi, it was a Canadian Film Centre Feature Film Project production. It was selected by the Toronto International Film Festival, among others, and was named a TIFF Top Ten film of the year while being distributed theatrically in Canada by Odeon Films.
Official Selection Toronto International Film Festival 2001
Top Ten Toronto International Film Festival 2001
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